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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Nursery Ideas Part 1

I think about how to decorate the babies nursery pretty much all day, everyday.  I spend hours online scouring blogs, shops and photos for the perfect pieces. Then I come back to reality and remember 2 things: 1. We do have a budget (no $10,000 nanny rockers) and 2. it is unlikely we will have a nursery in England since we will probably be moving 1-2 months after the kid arrives.  I've compiled a mental list of must have items along with some cute little pieces that can easily be moved internationally and fit any place we end up. So, in an attempt to write down and further delineate between wants and needs I'm writing a post to share my ideas, get your thoughts and keep myself accountable (well, try anyway).

First, and most obviously, we need a crib. I have seen about 100 that I adore and all of them with price tags well above $1000. I have yet to find one that satisfies my need for style and affordability. Ideally,  I'd like a vintage wrought iron crib (painted according to gender). Here are some of my favorites so far...