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Monday, 25 June 2012

36+ Weeks

How far along? 36w 4d.
Size of Esme? About 19.25 inches and weighs about 6.3 lbs. Her body fat is about 8% but will increase to 15% in the next 3 weeks.
Movement? Her movement is much less this week but still consistent and routine. I can press on her bottom and feel her legs squish into the other side of my tummy. I can also feel her head pressing lower and lower into my pelvis/onto my bladder when she squirms. Bathroom breaks have increased a lot this week.

Miss Anything? Sleeping on my back, an empty bladder, and wine.

Best moments this week? We had a preliminary inspection by Crown Movers for our trip back home (if that's where we are going). It's exciting to think that we are close enough to moving to have an inspection of the household items!

Also, spending the whole weekend with David and puppy sitting for this little guy...

Sleep? No :*(

Baby's position? Still head down!

Food cravings? Milk, coffee, ice cold drinks.

Anything making you queasy or sick? Consuming sugar. It makes me feel really funny and yucky inside.

Labor Signs? No. But still having Braxton Hicks. 

Symptoms? Same as last week... Swelling, numbness in my hands and feet, incredibly sore wrists, loose pelvis, and HEARTBURN. I'm eating a lot less now too (thankfully). I think my stomach space is really diminished. It's really nice to not feel hungry all the time.

Belly Button in or out? Innie...just barely.

Looking forward to? Next Saturday David and I are attending a couples workshop put on by my Daisy Birthing teacher. It's 4 hours long but I think it will be really informative and helpful when it comes time to deliver. I'm also excited for the midwife appointment we have on Tuesday.

Happy or Moody most of the time? Exhausted but happy, happy happy.


  1. Great update!
    The couples class should be interesting. Good for you both to hear the same thing!
    only 24 days whoohoo
    The puppy you took care of is a cute little fellow. He(she) and Reese seem to be great friends.
    Will you be seeing the mid wife weekly now?

  2. The midwife appointments will still be every 2 weeks (38 and 40 left) but if I'm lucky enough to go past 40 weeks they'll allow me to see her again week 41.

  3. Finally, we've reached the watermellon stage!

  4. I think you should show us a picture of the baby's room (pre-move)