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Sunday, 3 June 2012

33+ Weeks

How far along? 33w 4d.

Size of Esme? About 17.75 inches and weighs about 4.75 lbs.

Movement: Definitely an athletic little girl. Lots of wiggles, kicks and tumbling.

Miss Anything? Back to missing sunshine.  Last weeks many days of sunshine were the absolute best (even though my hands/fingers and ankles disagreed).  But, I don't miss working out anymore because I've been swimming which is a REALLY hard workout. 

Best moment this week? Baby shower yesterday! Five of us girls got together at Paula's house, ate some delicious food (thanks Kelsey!), did some activities and chatted for over 4 hours. It was amazing. Unfortunately, we didn't get any pictures of us all together. Three of the girls there were Non-Americans so we had to explain what the purpose of a baby shower was. I don't know that they understood it but they were troopers to go along with our crazy American traditions.
Decorations all made by Kelsey
Children's book themed goodies and table
Our Baby Shower Activities

Also, getting the changing table upstairs. It's not finished yet but we needed to take advantage of having strong helpers available to move it. We will finish is at some point int he next 4 weeks.

Finally, getting a good work out in the pool was awesome. It was great to feel like I worked hard. I was incredibly sore and tired the rest of the day but it was worth it!

Sleep? I can sleep anywhere, anytime. It's my new talent.

Stretch marks? Don't make me say it...yes. BUT, I think they're less noticeable.

Food cravings: Chocolate-namely Ben and Jerry's Phish Food Ice Cream.

Anything making you queasy or sick: No.

Labor Signs: No.

Symptoms: Crazy heartburn (I've become a connoisseur of chewable antacids). Also, exhaustion, pregnancy brain, and swelling. New development though-swimming decreases inflammation in my fingers and ankles!

Wedding rings on or off? Wedding ring-off. Engagement ring-on. Seems as though my knuckles have swollen more than the fleshy part of my fingers. Odd.

Belly Button in or out? Innie. 

Looking forward to? Antenatal (prenatal in USA) class at the hospital on Thursday night. Maybe I can get some of my questions answered! I think it's supposed to be like a mini Lamaze class with additional hospital information. We only get one class though so I'm curious how much information we are really going to get in just a few hours. 

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy and very tired (but not at all moody).

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