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Saturday, 28 April 2012

DIY Wall Art

Many weeks ago while Anne and I were shopping at THE most amazing baby store on earth (Oh Baby), we spotted some of their wall and ceiling decorations that were innovative, interesting and completely doable. Their wheel art is one of the projects I've decided to do for Esme's room. It sounds very odd (David didn't really understand the concept either) but I think once you see the finished product you may be as enamored as I was. 

Essentially, they are yarn covered bicycle, tricycle and wagon wheels. Here are two of the pictures I took while in the store...

Here are some of the wheels I started out with (bought on eBay). I also have 2 large racing bicycle tires and another wagon wheel that aren't pictured. The yarn I bought in a lot also on eBay. I have another lot coming with more colors which is why I'm waiting to do the last few.



When the new yarn comes in the mail I will finish the fifth wheel in this set along with the other three described above.


  1. They are looking GREAT! I especially like the small blue and red wheel. I'd forgotten the look of the one in the second picture. Are you trying that on the racing wheel??

  2. Yes, then the other yarn arrives I will try to replicate the design on the large wheel.

  3. HOW COOL!!!!! If i ever have a baby you are going to be my decorator, k?