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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Esme Is One Month Old!

Our happy bug is one month old!
Age? Esme was born July 29, 2012. She is exactly one month old today! It feels like she's been a part of our family for so much longer than just a month. After all the planning, praying and pregnancy it seems like she's been with us always. She's a perfect fit.
July, 29, 2012, 9:35 am  
July 30, 2012-one day old

Weight? Her last weigh in a week ago she was about 10.5 lbs (A weight gain of almost 2 lbs in just 3 weeks!)

Length? She was about 21 inches when she was born and she's now 21.5 inches long. The health visitor thought she looked really long but she's in the 50-75% for length.

Milestones met? She's holding her head up really well! Also, she's started smiling more this week and making little cooing sounds.
Look what I can do...I'm holding my head up!
Favorite toy/activity? She LOVES her Lamaze outer space playmat. It rotates the toys around above her head and keeps her busy so mommy can eat a meal. On several occasions she's worn herself out playing and falls asleep on her mat.

Sleeping habits? Esme and I have been getting adjusted to sleeping and eating at night. The great news is that she's sleeping for longer periods of time (at night) but we still vary naptimes from day to day. Last night she slept a whole 5.5 hours consecutively! Mommy was VERY happy with that. We will try tonight to replicate the same schedule as last night in hopes that we can have another long nighttime sleep (Bath at 9pm, eat at 10:15, in bed by 10:30).

Eating habits? Whenever she wakes up. We have an eat, waketime/playtime, sleep rotation (usually about a 3 hour cycle) that research indicates helps infants sleep through the night by 7-9 weeks old. So far, so good.  She's a very efficient eater so it usually only takes her 12-16 minutes to get a full meal in and she's usually good to go for at least 2.5-3 hours.

Biggest adventure this month? Going to the Olympics at one week old! The morning of Esme's one week birthday we packed up the car and made the four hour car trip to London. Thankfully Grandma was with us so she could watch Little Bug while David and I went to all of our events.
Olympic rings at London Bridge

Royal Albert Monument

Looking forward to? Having Granddaddio visit in just over a week! Our family photo session and also moving home to America (Virginia) in less than a month! We are soooo busy but really looking forward to living in America (Seriously, God bless America) and close to family again. It's been an amazing 4.5 years in England but with Esme's arrival we feel now, more than ever, the importance of having our loved ones close.

Daddy's thoughts...being so busy, it seems like it was just yesterday that I was arriving at the hospital to bring Esme into the world (well I only helped with moral support...Jess did all of the hard work).  As Jess said earlier in the post, it feels like Esme has been here for a very long time.  She feels like a natural part of our family.  Jess has been and is a wonderful mother and wife, she amazes me every day.  We have been very blessed with Esme and everything surrounding her.  God's hand has been with us every step of the way, including our return home.

Having a daughter is an indescribable feeling.  It is very difficult to place into words the immediate change, for good, she has brought and the feelings of joys she brings.  No matter the type of day or moment we maybe having...her smile or small noises brings an instant smile and comfort to my face.  There are a lot of exciting and busy times ahead of us in a very short time, so Esme's effect on Jess and I will be extremely important.  As we will be able to sit and look at her and (temporarily) forget the busyness of the world around us.

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  1. What a wonderful 1 month update. I enjoyed reading it so much even though I am kept well up to date and I appreciate that immensely. It was a blessing to be there right from the start and be able to help in London.
    It was neat to have your input ,David, on the blog. You are both FABULOUS parents.