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Monday, 12 March 2012

Esme's Retro Nursery

It was a busy week purchasing items for Esme's nursery. Originally, we were looking at the Hudson iron crib (which was pictured in an earlier post) but the company that distributes it didn't answer my emails so I opted for another crib. This was actually really fortunate because I found a rocking chair that will change the tone of the room. It's a red leather retro rocker! I apologize for the small picture size. Anything bigger makes it blurry. David and I will drive down with a rented van to Bewdley, Worcestershire tomorrow to pick it up.

To go along with the red rocker we purchased a large chevron rug and a wall art/night light (Vintage style marquee lighted letter) from Urban Outfitters as well as a Jenny Lind crib from Amazon. We saved a bunch of money getting the new crib (over $300) so I splurged on the night light (bought with saved birthday money!)


After we purchased these items I started looking into bedding for the crib.  I used my all-time favorite nursery for inspiration.

I absolutely adore the woodland flower dust ruffle but I was unable to find it anywhere. After hours of searching the Internet I found that it was actually a Pottery Barn duvet that was converted into a crib skirt. I am currently bidding on eBay for this duvet. Hopefully I win!
The next obstacle I encountered was actually making the duvet INTO a bed skirt. I called my MIL (since she knows sooo many crafty people) and asked if she knew anyone who could sew. Little did I know that David's aunt Karen is a whizz with a sewing machine. What a blessing!

Now I have to find some sheets that look nice with such a busy pattern-but that's for another week...
Also in this nursery they have a vintage slag hanging flower light I think is amazing. I have not been able to find one yet but I check everyday on different websites that sell lights similar to this one.


Finally, two more pieces were purchased for the wall. One came from the jessicagswift shop on
The other wall decoration are three individual ceramic birds which come from

That's all for now but I'll keep you posted on any new ideas/developments. Also, if you have any ideas to share I'd love to hear them!

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  1. Wow it's coming all together!
    Great G & G have a tiny red leather rocker that is retro cuz its OLD!! just the size for an Esme toddler!!!
    I can't wait for rocker time with my granddaughter!