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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Boy or Girl?

Oh my what a day! It began with no sleep (too much excitement for me to sleep and David was working a mid) and lots of anticipation. The appointment was at 9:50 am but we arrived just before 9:30am. I think David was shocked that, for once, I was ready to go early. They called us in at exactly 9:50am and started the scan right away. We were planning on getting a video of the scan but learned that it wasn't allowed (booo!). The technician said she was going to check Wee's heart size, valve development and rhythm, head size, brain development, facial features, spine, bone lengths and abdominal measurements. Wee was a little squirmy and it took some poking and prodding to get the right pictures based on the baby's position. Wee decided to play hide and seek behind mommy's belly button just to make things interesting.  Finally, after several jabs to my full bladder, Wee rested in a good position and we were able to see all the little fingers and toes and the technician was able to check out Wee's development. We were told that everything looked wonderful and right on track for a healthy baby (Yippy!).  Yes, yes, I'm getting to Wee's gender...

David and I would like to present to you...
Baby Esme Sophia Westman! She's a little gymnast in there hanging out in her pike position.

For the next several months David and I would feel privileged if you had any insight to share on raising girls, or children or just important life lessons. We have a jar in which we are writing down everything we'd like to teach our children/family so we'd love to hear everyone's thoughts, beliefs, feelings and convictions in regards to essential lessons a person MUST learn in order to lead a happy, healthy, faithful life.

Thank you everyone for sharing in this exciting news. We look forward to showing off our lovely Esme in July.


  1. Guess who has tears in his eyes?

    Love Grandpa Westman

  2. OMG YAY!!!!! Teach her how to be strong willed!

  3. Jess: I am so happy for you and David. You are carrying on the family tradition of girls(born)first :) What fun, what blessings!

    Love Mom