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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Nursery beginnings

I've been thinking a lot about baby's bedroom and I have some ideas to share. Feedback with additional ideas is more than welcome!


I recently visited the thrift store on base and found an amazing chevron knit baby blanket (I currently love anything with a chevron pattern) that I am in love with. In fact, I am so in love with it that it will be the inspiration for baby's nursery. Fortunately, the colors fit either gender so I can get a head start on nursery construction. And, in an effort to dabble in practicality, these accessories/furnishings can be used for baby #2, etc. whenever they come along.


The second thing I'd LOVE to have in the nursery/bedroom is a rocking chair cradle or nanny rocker. I've only been able to find it in American and for an astronomical price (upwards of $10,000 for some-eeek!) so I'm thinking about employing a joiner/carpenter to possibly build us one. What do you think?

If you guys know me, as I'm sure you do, DIY restoration of antique/vintage furniture is my "thing" so I think I will be finding some treasures at the auction to refinish for baby's room. Updates and before/after pictures will be posted as projects come about. I think I'll start looking at this Friday's auction...


  1. I love that cradle! If you do have someone make it I would suggest the back of the mommy chair to be high enough to rest your head on it.

  2. Of course, gorgeous taste. I know nothing about this, but some of my friends state side are using those giant foam waist pillows to rest the baby on while they nurse. It saves your back and arms while nursing. You might want to enough room on the cradle/rocking chair for this piece of "extra" furnishings too. - Lasda

  3. ah yes, a BOPPEE! I just got one :) They are amazing. Good idea!

  4. Thanks Anne, I will definitely be requesting a taller back to the chair...maybe even some 'wings' for a head rest like they have on airplanes :)

  5. i have never seen a cradle like that! I personally think you should wait to see if it is a girl or a boy. A girl I would do the the first one except in pink, and a boy I would do the green one.